Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review-Cocktail: It's a cocktail of highs and lows !

First of all, I didn't watch Agent Vinod, but based on the feedback, I wouldn't blame those who are not ready to risk another Saif Ali Khan flick released in such close proximity to Agent Vinod. But fortunately that's not the case with Cocktail. It is truly a cocktail of some ROFL and some ultra-boring-and-slow scenes. Goes without saying that it is an impractical movie. I mean for people like Indians, who witness on a daily basis, at-least ten guys running after one half-decent gal, the fact that Saif was living with two such stunning (not to mention taller) chicks itself is a hypothetical situation. 

Nevertheless, the first half of the movie is genuinely funny, barring the first 15 minutes perhaps, which looked like part of some documentary 'Life Of A Punjaban In London'. To pile on, a very old-looking Saif delivering cliched lines like 'You believe in love at first sight ya main fir se ghoom kar aaun' didn't help the movie's cause. But if you survived the first 15 minutes then there is an incentive to follow. Enter Boman Irani and the movie turns watchable right away. He partners with Saif in the first half to create real magic producing some genuinely hilarious stuff. Boman was so good in the movie that for once I was tempted to forgive him for doing 'Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi' with Farah Khan.

A well-played out role by Saif doesn't covers the fact that at nearly 42 years of age, with his daughter about to debut herself, he doesn't exactly looks a lady-killer anymore but what the heck! If a good-looking policeman like Chulbul Pandey could draw water from Champakal(handpump) then why go against Saif, after-all the guy treats women of all ages equally in real life too (No pun intended). Diana Penty looked gorgeous in her debut film although at 5'10 she has all but lost her opportunity to work with the holy trinity of Bollywood. But that in no way takes anything away from her for having a very interesting name. 

A 2-2.5/5 movie, Cocktail is a time-pass at best. However if you want to make it an enjoyable watch then the trick is to just watch the first half and after that race towards the exit door with the speed of a software engineer who rushes towards the printer after giving his payslip for print.

P.S. Secret of the movie: After this movie, Deepika Padukone becomes the first Indian girl to kiss both the guy and his mother. Or perhaps the second as Poonam Pandey has not left out anything!
P.P.S. Before the start of the movie, misfortune struck me when I saw the trailer of Shirish Kunder's 'Joker'. SRK was right in slapping this man!


  1. I need to squeeze time so that I can pass it watching both the Saif movies! My friend says that the guy gets the puja-path-wali gal at the end!

    1. Puja-path-wali gal lol ! it took her exactly 15 mins of screen time to turn into kam-kapdon-wali gal :)

  2. Exactly. Its time pass movie. And people do hate it, but the first part is kinda watchable. Not near enough to be called great cinema. But thats OK!


    1. Absolutely!
      And btw u got a nice blog.. interesting 'who am I?' section :)