Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potpourri: Secret behind the OOPS moments of Rakhi Sawant and the possible involvement of two Khans in AB baby's baby!

Being an avid movie watcher (Yes, even after Ra-One), I keep a tap on all the current actors. But in the last couple of years, owing to the overplus of actors (blame it on India Shining or India Drowning), I have lost track of so many new actors, particularly actresses!

However, thanks to The Times Of India (which by the way is just a few articles away from becoming The Porn Of India), I keep getting reminded of the newbie actresses, courtesy articles like 'So and so had an OOPS moment', 'So and so seen in a see-through dress' etc. What is most noticeable about the highly acclaimed actresses featuring in such OOPS moments, is that you only get to hear of them in such news headlines and not in any movie-related news. No wonder why Madhuri Dixit never had such an OOPS moment. 

Speaking of OOPS moments, Rakhi Sawant seems to have one such moment on a weekly basis. Goes without saying that TOI covers each one of them with the punctuality of a well-timed screenplay. And even if they do, I don't think it surprises any of us. For me, Rakhi's entire life is a 3D panorama of various OOPS moments. From the moment she wakes up till she falls asleep, its OOPS OOPS OOPS! I tell you who would have had a real OOPS moment off-late. It would be Shabana Azmi on knowing that Kareena Kapoor had got herself a statue at Madame Tussauds! Really, what a shame!!

Of-course all this talk of OOPS moments makes one sympathize with the male actors for not having such a lifeline-like facility (or maybe they had until a certain Salman Khan debuted). But then there is not much for them to exploit on this landscape. What best can they do? Open Fly? Nevertheless, this discriminatory nature of OOPS moments didn't deter our favorite cameraman Ashmit Patel, who to me is the male counterpart of Rakhi Sawant. Trust me, the guy gives it his best shot. But you can't blame him, can you? Afterall, the youth of India made him a living legend after his (only) entertaining contribution, thanks to Riya Sen's grave misjudgment under the effect of alcohol (Strangely she lost whatever 4-5 fans she had after that). It was Riya Sen back then and Veena Malik recently, but rest assure, as long as this widely acknowledged public fornicator is in charge, even Aruna Irani is not safe. 

Coming to the most significant news of the week (Again blame it on India Shining or India Drowning), Aishwarya Rai has finally delivered a baby, something that small-time untalented bloggers like me have been waiting to cash in on for an eternity albeit it still needs to be confirmed if the Bachchans sought Aamir Khan's assistance in the medical procedure, given his expertise in the field as depicted in 3 Idiots. Sorry for being cheesy but I have completely run out of material, not that I had any to start with.
Image Source: Facebook

By the way what do you think Salman Khan (in a hypothetical scenario) should do if he wanted to avenge the Bachchans and had a little fun at the same time? I guess he should throw the grandest party of all time for no reason today. Simply!! Now that will creep the hell out of the Bachchans, wouldn't it? 

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  1. That was hilarious haha! Salman will be laughing his ass off if he read this article. You, sir, are an obscenely talented writer. You should write a book, or funny short stories, or anything. Please!

  2. @Anonymous: y does it happens all the time tht ppl leaving flattering comments never share their name.. others wud think tht i hv written it myself :p regarding writing a book, i dnt think im gud enuff..its v diff to write a book as compared to writing a thousand word article.. but u never know ... :)

  3. @Ankur: I was thinking the same while putting myself up as anonymous :) Writing a book is difficult but you don't want to spend your life taking the easier options, do you? Take a leap of faith!

  4. @Tarun: u r spot on! but gng by ppl's response to my blogs, im nt sure ppl wud be queuing up to buy my book..its still early days for this blog, lets see if i cud develop some sort of a reader-base and convince myself..rite nw 102 ppl like my blog on FB, out of which (nd if i may shamefully add so) 75 are my frnds :(

  5. hahhaa... excellent...
    really great to see that pic... n so sorry cant donate that 50 paisa, n specially to mayawati's fellow...
    but really great to read you...

  6. @Pooja: thnx :) as far as 50 ps donation goes i guess he ll steal one currency note from Mayawati's garland :p Btw, I hv read ur poetry in the past nd admired them..tht Photo With License idea was sensational :)

  7. I wish Salman had taken your advice seriously :P Awesome work :D
    p.s. 50 paise should reach Mayawati's hair-dresser's relief fund :)