Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally I found my 'Every Indian Must Watch' video!

Its not very often that I share the content of any other website on my blog. Moreover for the first time I am sharing a video. But after watching this video (courtesy: DeshGujarat), I said to myself, finally I found the video for which one can say 'Every Indian Must Watch'! 

In the video, Dr Swamy is so damn right in saying that the study of Indian law should be made a compulsory part of our education system as it will truly empower each one of us. That suggestion is GOLD !

P.S. Please do share this video and let the true face of UPA emerge ! Whether we are over-reacting with UPA could be discussed in the comments section in a civilized manner.
First video is in Hindi(courtesy: DeshGujarat) and the second in English (courtesy: youth fornation.


  1. Will have to see now, that you have recommended even though it's one hour long !! :)

  2. @Sukesh: U won't find anything spl if u hv been following Swamy regularly.. but one has to give it to the guy to stand up for the country giving it to the Congress :)