Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Potpourri: Cheergirls, Jr.Mallya and Al Qaeda!

Goes without saying that my last post on SRK (Gujaratis' response to Ra.One and much more!) has clearly taken its toll on my blog's popularity with the number of 'likes' getting reduced by approx 30%; even the Gujaratis weren't particularly pleased. But I am okay with it as long as it saved even a single person's ticket money. Some of the readers even went out of their way to mail be about how they feel that I am a sadist and would eventually meet a bitter and lonely end. Nevertheless, as shameless as I am, I will write another post here bombarding you with my observations from different fields of life: 

Cheergirls, Beauties at the cricket ground and the knowledgeable franchise-owners
We all like watching cheergirls at cricket grounds, reasons varying from person to person. But if you look at it, being a cheergirl is still not a recognized form of occupation. Do you really think, that somewhere in Sydney there will be a school girl in her fifth standard telling her mom how she dreams of becoming a cheergirl some day and dance at 48 degrees in Chennai every-time Subramaniam Badrinath hits a four after a prolonged period of watchfulness? Really? Very much like T20 cricket, even being a cheergirl is a stepping stone to reach a more skillful and appreciated form of the same occupation.

Anyway, staying with heat, what are your thoughts on those gorgeous looking girls in the audience that we get to see mainly during T20 matches. Whenever a wicket goes down, their expressions of extreme grief (of-course when the camera is on them) are so intense as if the Father Of The Nation died again and 1857 never happened. I am sure half of these hotties wouldn't be even knowing, at any stage of the match, if their team is doing well or bad, forget about knowing a single foreign player's name featuring in the side they are supporting.

Again staying with pretense, there is no doubt about the fact that Jr.Mallya is easily the most despised man in India at the moment. Any hard working individual automatically seems to develop an unprecedented hatred towards him. I sometimes wonder how much of a cricket match do these franchise owners understand. For example, I am pretty sure that Neeta Ambani comes to an IPL match just to test her biceps strength by lifting cricketers at the end of every match or would it be something like this:
Dad, are you sure you will be able to dive from 
slip and take all my catches? 

Jr.Mallya to his secretary (after the first innings): What do we have to do to win now?
Secretary: Sir, our players have to go out there and score one run more than the opposition has scored and sir its not 'we', its 'them'. You don't have to do anything. Please park yourself on the sofa seat alongside your equally untalented Ms Padukone.

I feel that in many ways UPA's war against corruption is like Pakistan's war against terror. With an equally pathetic opposition like BJP, Indians at the moment are so confused that they might as well go with whatever Arnab Goswami decides on Newshour. And when we are not suffering from news of corruption, there are these troublesome neighbouring countries. I am not much concerned with Pak cos I'm sure that eventually they are going to blow themselves up as soon as they are done with blocking FB, YouTube, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla etc. But it is the Chinese that concern me more. Sometimes there conspicuous presence in Pakistan worries me and at other times their bulldoggish presence on the Sino-Indian border intimidates me. This forces me to wonder what percentage of Chinese actually stay in China itself. 

By the way did you know that Al Qaeda have their own magazine and its named Inspire. I guess RAW would be really interested to get their hands on the list of Indians who have a subscription of Inspire. So what do you think these Inspire people offer extra on taking extended pre-paid subscriptions? One box of hand grenades free with a 3-month subscription? One all-in-one detonator kit with a 6-month subscription? All three volumes of 'How to become a successful suicide-bomber and stay happy ever after' with a 1-year subscription? Or perhaps a one week free stay in US for sightseeing along with a camera to capture important places as the lucky draw?


  1. @Giribala: oh! I generally use the expression 'Not bad' when I really didn't like the stuff but can't say it on the face ;)

  2. @Ankur: Yes, that's what I meant, but I have this very bad habit of joking, which sometimes people don't understand. I enjoyed reading the article. The last para is ultimate.
    Very nice job on template! It looks great now!

  3. @Ankur: The first comment said 'gud gud' so I tried to reinforce it by saying 'not bad.' I enjoyed reading the article. The last para is rofl!!!
    Great job on template! It looks cool!!

  4. It's getting better with each article, thoroughly enjoying reading every bit of it, take a bow!!

  5. @Rc: Wht a co-incidence! I think likewise :D

  6. Good one bhai. Loved the Cheergirls part and the piece abt Franchise owners. True.

  7. @Deepan: I knew u wud like it.. wherever thr is cricket, Deepan and Harish are thr :)