Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl: A Pleasant Surprise!!

Remember, Boys always WIN!!
I am back with a fly-on-the-wall review of the movie Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl and I must say I was pleasantly surprised after watching this movie. It could be mainly because I have been keeping my expectations to rock bottom after the success of Akshay Kumar and partly due to this being a Yash Raj productions (Ya, the same guy who gave us SRK with his stretched arms pose). As with my my earlier review of The Dirty Picture, again I won't be going into the technical details as they are out of scope for both you and me. Also there wouldn't be much of a disclosure of the plot, but only a mention of the good and bad aspects that hit me.

That Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is a typical Yash Raj movie could be inferred from the facts that:
1) Both the lead actor and actress make their entry through a song in which there will be a dozen fans blowing away the hair of the actors and everybody surrounding the actors will leave their ongoing business and start dancing along, matching every step.
2) Out of some freakish twist in the tale, actors land up in Switzerland or Goa (depending upon the budget of the movie). 
However, there are green pastures for each of us to discover after passing this painful phase of trademark bullshit movie-making. I have no qualms in saying that Parineeti Chopra (cousin of Junglee Billi) steals the show with all the genuinely funny punches. This despite the presence of two very fine upcoming and young artists: Anushka Sharma (whom we all started hating after watching those Reliance Ads with Ranvijay Singh who used to once behave nothing short of Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Roadies show) and Ranveer Singh (don't you think he looks like a cross-breed of a young Akshay Kumar and Rajiv Thakur of the Laugter Challenge show).

The first 15 minutes of the movie will make you realize why everyone in your family and friends suggest not to marry a Delhi gal (You can tell me if you agree or not after watching the movie). Thanks to Salman, the only human left, male actors are as eager to show their body as their counterparts. FYI, both Ranveer and Anushka have flaunted the result of their hardwork in the gym aplenty. Or maybe it's the too-lazy-to-hit-the-gym me taking control here. Anyway, I would give Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl a generous 3.5 out of 5 for the simple reason that it is a light-hearted time-pass and completely harmless movie, though not with a very strong plot. But then if our King Khan can play a husband who meets his wife every evening as another person just because he is not wearing a moustache, then we aren't really into much of strong-plot movies. The movie is definitely a one-time watch and trust me you wouldn't be cribbing on your way out (I'm presuming you have also watched movies like Ready and Bodyguard). Look out for Parineeti, who is the USP of the movie, carrying it on her shoulders for the entire length. (On a side-note doesn't she resembles Dhoni's wife Saakshi? By the way there is a character in the movie who also looked like Dhoni. Let me know, if you noticed that.) 

However, I left the theater very depressed for two reasons: First, thinking when will I have such white and shiny teeth as the movie actors and second, when will I earn enough to afford eatables at a movie theater without feeling guilty!

P.S. If you are wondering that what you have just read is a movie review at all, then I have two things to say: First, if you really wanted a real movie review, you wouldn't go any far from Rajeev Masand. Second, I am writing this after watching the late night show of the movie, which is a big deal with me being a poor engineer and my boss (whom I have to encounter tomorrow early morning) not being particularly a big fan of my writing. GN!!


  1. Start giving star also in ur review :)

  2. @Dinesh: Nah.. Watching and writing are tasks enough for a lazy like me :)

  3. Hero...USP wali baat poori sachi hai..She is good for sure..atleast for me btr then Skinny Anushka Sharma:)..aur teri report aur movie dono ne mere irado ko.."Delhi wali ladkiyon" se shadi na karne ki aur bhi pakka kar diya hai..