Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bachelor seeks revenge by building his own apartment and denying occupancy to married couples!

Bangalore. Living well would be the best revenge for most, but for Ambar Seth, a software engineer, revenge was something that kept him alive for the last three years.Following a harrowing experience when countless number of flat owners shut the door on him when he was on a lookout for a two bedroom-hall-kitchen flat, Ambar started laying the groundwork of his plan to avenge.

"I had been given a one-month notice period by my previous flat owner to vacate the flat. Following the notification,I invested four consecutive weekends looking out for a flat but to no avail. Everybody shut the door on my face just because I was a bachelor. Tell me, is it my mistake that no female ever agreed to marry me after spending five minutes in my company? " asked Ambar with teary red eyes.

He pauses to literally stare a passing by girl till she was out of sight and continues, "It was then that I decided to teach this superficial society a lesson. I started working seriously hard in my office, giving up stuff like every minute status update on Facebook and Twitter. I even stopped my favorite pastime of logging into Rediff News from my fake id 'Kareena' and posting comments. There was just one thing that pre-occupied my mind all that while: A dream of owning an apartment someday and say NO to married wannabe-occupants!"

Ambar's anguish does not comes as a surprise to many in metro cities of India where its becoming increasingly difficult for bachelors to get flats on rent in societies which are predominantly occupied by families. Particularly so in Bangalore, where majority of these bachelors are from IT background and thus automatically accused of practicing bad habits.

"I have been a bachelor from IT background myself so I am well aware of the things that could take place. Been there, done that you see! " snapped Mr Gupta when asked by The Silent Commentator, if he now regretted having turned down Ambar earlier.

"All bachelors follow the same protocol. It starts with playing loud music followed by boozing parties and the next thing you know is girls sneaking in and out of their flats at odd hours," commented Rajesh, another flat owner who denied renting his flat to Ambar and someone who himself ironically enough owns a Rottweiler and was in a one year long live-in relationship with a girl whom he didn't go on to marry. Among other things that Rajesh holds against bachelors are paying hefty tips to security guards for trivial favors, ordering piles of pizzas almost daily and leaving a trail of their expensive perfumes in apartment lifts. According to Rajesh, all these factors put pressure on people like him who are not earning as much.

Ambar however emphasizes that he was innocent then but not now as he makes it a point to practice all the misdemeanours that he was wrongfully suspected of. "They brought out the animal in me. My each breath awaits the moment when a married couple will approach me, requesting me to rent them my flat and I would reply to them 'The flat is vacant but I am not comfortable renting it to a married couple. Please don't mind. There are SOCIETY PRESSURES' ,"said Ambar breaking into hysterical laughter of the kind that would make any Bollywood villain of the 80's very proud.

"They wasted four precious weekends of my life. Four weekends of sleeping at dawn and waking up at dusk, four weekends of lying down on my couch flipping through TV channels and staring at ceiling after exhausting all the Dominos discount coupons , four weekends of complete inactivity which nobody can bring me back, " added Ambar, his eyes turning red for the third time during the interview.

"At last the moment of reckoning has come for me. If the bear-bottle shape of my apartment building and the yellow-white-grey color combination of the pillars don't send a message out loud enough, then nothing in the world ever will, " said Ambar sarcastically as most of the flat-owners used to presume that he would be a compulsive drunkard and smoker.
Landmark to Ambar's apartment couldn't be more convenient

Not surprisingly Ambar has decided to name his apartment 'Adams Only'. An apartment that he doesn't intends to sell but only to rent. It doesn't stops there, Ambar has even gone to the extent of mentioning on the address stone outside, "Married couples and Dogs not allowed". Last heard, Ambar had convinced notorious Bollywood singer Mika to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the apartment.


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